Hi, all, and thanks for following me over the years. I started an online store on February 3, 2014, and I appreciate all of the support (and sales!) I received. However, in the last few years, I haven’t had time to truly run the store as intended due to health issues, work (two jobs) and grad school (again!).

Because of the plethora of changes, I decided to change direction.

Those of you follow me on social media already know that I’m all about the spinster life and cats, that will not change.

What will change is product offerings.

I won’t have a store directly on this site any more, but I will continue to offer online deals in a new way.

I am an affiliate for several companies, so I will post regular updates sharing the latest deals and links to where you can purchase. This will be for physical and digital products.

I hope you like the new digs, and I hope you enjoy this new experience along with me.


Latasha Willis

Founder and Owner, The Spinster’s Shoppe, LLC